UCLA/I2BL.gitResearch work at the UCLA Interconnected & Integrated Bioelectronics Lab. Marius Peter7 months
UCLA/MAE_154B.git*ARCHIVED* development moved to aircraft-studio. Marius Peter7 months
UCLA/MAE_171A.gitIntroduction to Feedback and Control Systems: Dynamic Systems ControlMarius Peter7 months
aircraft-studio.git[WIP] Design & build airplanes from your specifications. Marius Peter7 months
config-blendux.gitPersonal dotfiles and scripts to deploy them. Marius Peter7 months
config-emacs.gitPersonal ~/.emacs.d/ configuration folder. Marius Peter8 months
dwm.gitPersonal fork of dwm. Marius Peter
farm-manager.gitSimple ERP for a farm, in Python. Marius Peter7 months
mdl.gitWeb media downloader frontend, in Python. Marius Peter24 months
mlnp.gitRepository for this very website. Marius Peter13 months
my-fitness-tracker.gitPersonal fitness tracker web app, in Pharo. Marius Peter6 days
short-stories.gitSome short stories I wrote. Marius Peter7 months
yesno.gitAggregate your news and vote for the content you care about. Marius Peter2 years
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